Mark Davis

Mark Davis

" Being the youngest member of the team he is the future generation of audio post production in South Africa."

Mark joined joined the Sound Surfers team in 2018 after completing his audio technology studies at the Academy of Sound Engineering. 
He has a big passion for film and is a hard worker who sets out to learn as much as he can with the goal of following in the excellence which his mentors at Sound Surfers have shown and achieved.
On a personal note, Mark is a people person as well as an avid rugby fanatic and car enthusiast.

·       Trackers (Mini Series) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       The Unfamiliar (film) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Tydelik Terminaal (TV Series) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Agent (TV Series) (2019) (Foley Editor)

·       The Story of Racheltjie De Beer (film) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Kids (2019) (USA) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       World War 2 Battle Grounds (2019) (UK) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Hotel S3 (TV) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)