Sound Surfers gets nominated for Gotham Sound Award for Best Sound.

Wonderlus was selected in competition at the 2019New York City’s 8th Annual Winter Film Awards International Film Festival.
Up against 89 fantastic films in all genres from 32 countries, Wonderlus was Nominated for Best Film, Best Director and Best Sound.

It's a huge honour to be recognised on the global stage for our work on Wonderlus. 

The films sound design was not a huge "in your face" type of design but rather an intricate stylised type of sound design that was carried through with moments that related directly to story. From the placement of specific sounding birds and frogs between dialogue to the a train horn that triggers a moment of suspense. Evey sound placed, right down to a water lap was specifically inserted for a specific feel that had to happen at the right moment. 

The mix was probably the most complex as it entailed drawing in the audience at just the right moment but in such a subtle way that you would not recognize that the ambient sound was almost completely gone and you were completely immersed in only the dialogue. In one of the scenes in basement the background music completely disappears under the dialogue as the room reverb increases for dramatic effect and then just at the right moment the music creeps back in.  This was the order of the day throughout many moments of the film mix.

Working with Johan Cronje (The Director) was an awesome experience as he had a true vision of what he wanted to explore. He knew exactly what he wanted from the music and how the the feel of the film would impact the audience.  

Well done the entire team for producing a magnificent film that has taken centre stage globally.

It was an honour to be a part of this project

  • Jim Petrak