Chris Piggins

Chris Piggins

Chris’ obsession with sound feeds his passion for every project he works on. Viva sound!!!!

Chris Piggins is a Canadian foley artist living in Johannesburg. A graduate with distinction from the renowned Concordia University Film School in Montreal, Chris has worked exclusively in the field of on-set and post production audio for film and television.

Chris has worked for 20 years in the fields of radio, film and television on features, TV series, feature animation, documentary and commercials. His areas of experience include on-set mixing, sound editing, ADR recording and editing and specializing in foley. He is also putting together a South African Sound Effects library which he works on when he is not strutting his stuff on the foley stage.

His credits include domestic and international projects such as “Uncle Max” (ITV UK), the SAFTA award winning film for sound, “White Lion”, Semi-Soet, Pray, Mr. Bones 2, SchuckTshabalala’s Guide to South Africa 2010, the AMAA award winning film for sound design “State of Violence”, Turtle Island (Canada), The Rendering (Canada), Back Road Justice (Canada) the animated feature “Jock of the Bushvelt 3D”, “Black South Easter” and he has worked on numerous projects in Montreal, Canada most notably films for the renowned National Film Board of Canada.



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