Jasper James (UK)

3 x Emmy award winning Producer: Quarx, Size Matters

Sound Surfers have done 2 great jobs for us on complicated multi-broadcaster projects – really professional and huge pleasure to deal with.

Michael Lynch (UK)

Director: Generation Rise,  Athletes under fire

Jim & the Sound Surfers team have worked with us across a wide range of documentary projects where location audio recording has often been compromised, deadlines have been looming and broadcaster deliverables have been demanding; in each case their technical expertise and heartfelt audio crafting has elevated each of our projects exponentially.

Wayne Kopping (SA/USA)

Director: Beneath The Helmet, The Third Jihad , Mekonen

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Jim onthree feature-length documentaries, and several short-form projects. 

I've looked forward to every session, safe in the knowledge that his sensitive ear and technical prowess will add powerful, nuanced and unexpected layers to our film — as only a masterful mix can do. 

Henk Pretorius (SA / UK)

Director: Leading Lady

Jim is an absolute artisan of sound. He is a perfectionist that leaves room for innovation.
He takes real pride in making each film special and it's a pleasure working with him as a fellow creative.

Sound Surfers really care about sound, and the films they work on. They always go the extra mile. Jim has great ‘ears’ and loves a challenge. He is a pleasure to work with!”



Jeremy Nathan (SA/MAU)

Producer: Dv8 Films

and Cinebar Studio’s

For all your excellent design work and a really great mix…….Many thanks

John Irvin (UK)

Director: Mandela’s Gun

No one understands the impact of detailed sound design for the total emotional and sensual experience better than Jim and his team from Sound Surfers! Can’t wait to work together on the next projec

Sean Else (SA / MAU)

Director: Modder en Bloed 

(Blood and Glory)

Jim Petrak is without a doubt one of the most talented and knowledgeable Sound Engineers in South Africa. He understands the crucial role that sound design plays in heightening the emotional resonance of a film, and his work reflects his profound skill in this regard.  Moreover, he is a pleasure to work with: easy going and committed.  Jim does not hesitate to put all his energy behind a project.  Even after a 14 hour day, the work will still feel like fun because Jim truly loves what he does.  His abilities will meet - and surpass - the expectations of any producer

Kelsey Egan

Director: Gargoyle

Thanks for all the hard work and fantastic sound design on the 2010 World Cup 3D movie.

The movie was shown in 85 countries around the world with great success and fantastic feedback.

Looking forward to working with you on the next project.


Don Searll

Haptics Production’s

My working relationship with Jim Petrak and Soundsurfers came about at a time when I thought all hope was lost for the completion and perfection of the sound to my film Shirley Adams. I was convinced that there was no single person who could understand and interpret my creative ambition for the sound in that film. Jim Petrak masterfully took the quality of my film to an international standard with in a matter of days. He stands out as the leading sound mixer and designer in South Africa, simply because his attention to detail and talent for the construction of award winning sound is unmatched by any other. I am extremely grateful to this talented team for enabling my work to compete on an international platform, through their contribution.

Oliver Hermanus

Director: Shirley Adams


I am pleased to be able to congratulate Jim Petrak for his work on series 4, 5 & 6 of Wild at Heart and commend him to other productions which have the need for ADR work and difficult deadlines.

Jim has a very mobile kit, slots in to odd corners and makes the quality of his work seem as if it has come from the best studios. His operational skills are slick and any combination of original sound/ last recording/quiet beeps/ frames in/ frames out make the work fast and tailored to the varying skills of artistes.
His ear too for what the sound editor/director needs is sharp: on a few occasions he has heard something missing and has not been slow to offer options or alternatives.

He is a likeable chap, makes artistes feel at ease, and the sound editors in London are very happy with his work. The testament to that is that he is on his third series of WAH.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to other series.


Nick Goding (UK)

Producer: Wild at Heart

Jim Petrak and his team were extraordinarily thorough in their preparation. We had every possible option available for the final mix. Jim and his team did really excellent work. He worked with Michael Medhurst on the dark and suspenseful sound design and supervised the recording of thousands of foleys. Canadian import Chris Piggins sets a new standard for foley work in South Africa.

The Sound Surfers studio has state of the art sound. I can’t recommend Sound Surfers highly enough.

Carey McKenzie

Director: Cold Harbour

Jim's work ethic and passion is unmatched and without a doubt, he is one of the best, if not the very best in South Africa. 

He has multiple awards behind his name, even winning us a Golden Horn for Best Sound in a feature at the 2017 South African Film and Television Awards. 

I can't recommend Jim high enough and look forward to working with him on our future projects.

Barend Kruger

Executive Producer: Dark Matter Studio's