Thapelo “Sol” Masedi

Thapelo "Sol" Masedi is one of the junior sound effects editors at Sound Surfers. He joined the team in 2019 after graduating with distinction from The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance. Since his arrival, he has expressed his aptitude towards learning along with his passion for film.

·       Trackers (mini series) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       The Unfamiliar (film) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Tydelik Terminaal (TV Series) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       World War 2 Battle Grounds (2019) (UK) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Agent (TV Series) (2019) (Foley Editor)

·       The Story of Racheltjie De Beer (film) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)

·       Hotel Season 3 (TV Series) (2019) (Sound Effects Editor)